The table below lists all recurring courses offered by the Software Engineering Group.

Title Type Description
Software Engineering Compulsory course An overview of the basics of software engineering. Introduces important concepts and terms. Enables the evaluation and application of basic techniques in a project.
Software Quality Compulsory course Provides an overview of the basics of software quality and introduces the most important concepts and terms from software quality for use in projects. Enables the application of common test and review techniques.
Software Project Compulsory project Allows for practical experiences and insights into software development. A software project must be completed in a predetermined timeframe with special focus on the development process. Students are made aware of problems ocurring in real software development projects. Includes the practical application of techniques already learned in the Software Engineering course.
Requirements and Design Advanced course Deepens understanding of requirements engineering. Enables students to apply existing and new knowledge to take the role of the requirements engineer in software projects.
Modern Methods of Software Development Advanced course Introduces modern methods of software development to students, starting with model-based and -driven techniques. The course further presents software development in the automotive industry as well as agile approaches that focus on communication and team work. The course closes with the V-Model XT, the standard software process model for government projects in Germany.
Software Engineering for Mobile Applications Advanced course Introduction to concepts and methods for the development of mobile applications for Android and iOS. Over the course, students have to implement a mobile application which must fulfill given requirements.  
Development of a Web Services-based application Advanced project In several iterations, students develop an application based on Web Services. Over the course, several concepts and techniques of the relatively new and still changing field of SOA and Web Services are learned and applied.
Agile Software Development Advanced project In this intensive project, students gain insights into software development using eXtreme Programming (XP) practices. Amongst other aspects, the team is provided with an on-site customer, uses the test-first approach and collects requirements using story cards.