author = {Kurt Schneider},
  title = {{F}ocusing {S}pontaneous {F}eedback to {S}upport {S}ystem {E}volution},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of IEEE 19th International Requirements Engineering Conference
  year = {2011},
  pages = {165-174},
  address = {Trento, Italy},
  publisher = {IEEE},
  abstract = {Modern software systems are rarely built from scratch. They rather
	evolve over a long period of time while components and subsystems
	are developed independently. During that evolution, new and changing
	requirements emerge when end-users interact with the system. Users
	encounter situations that provoke spontaneous complaints or suggestions,
	which may be the seed of new requirements. However, there are two
	challenges: How to capture spontaneous reactions and how to focus
	and let them mature into valid requirements? We propose concepts
	that enable citizens to report a problem or make a suggestion by
	Smartphone. A key for preserving the spontaneous impetus is to lower
	the threshold for composing and sending feedback. Software providers
	who are interested in feedback can define filtering and focusing
	aids; they guide end-users in giving focused feedback. Focused feedback
	is also better prepared to be transformed to requirements. Our ConTexter
	tool demonstrates technical feasibility of these concepts. We explore
	and characterize a potential application domain empirically. Based
	on the findings, we discuss potentials and limitations of our approach.}