author = {Raphael Pham and Helge Holzmann and Kurt Schneider and Christian
  title = {{T}ailoring video recording to support efficient {GUI} testing and
  journal = {{S}oftware {Q}uality {J}ournal, {J}une 2013},
  year = {2013},
  pages = {1-20},
  abstract = {Automated GUI tests typically comprise of several test steps that
	are executed on the GUI before reaching a point of assertion. Comparing
	a longer and complex execution of a GUI test to its test instructions
	for debugging is a laborious task: re-establish the test environment,
	slow down test execution for human perception, and locate the currently
	executed test step. Video documentation of GUI tests for debugging
	purposes is already present in several industry tools. However, it
	is not optimized for effective documentation of on-screen actions
	nor synched with the executed test instructions. We present a video-based
	documentation of automated GUI tests that links the executed test
	case instruction to the on-screen response of the application under
	test. Screen recording is optimized for speed and memory consumption
	while all relevant details are captured. Additional browsing capabilities
	for easier debugging are introduced. Concepts of aspect-oriented
	programming are adapted for tracing of pre-compiled test case scripts.
	Our concepts are evaluated by a working implementation, a series
	of performance measurements during a technical experiment, and industrial
	experience from 370 real-world test cases carried out in a large
	software company. The limits of our implementation regarding video
	capturing and code tracing are explored with a specialized test frame.},
  doi = {10.1007/s11219-013-9206-2},
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