author = {Kai Stapel and Eric Knauss and Kurt Schneider and Nico Zazworka},
  title = {{FLOW} {M}apping: {P}lanning and {M}anaging {C}ommunication in {D}istributed
  booktitle = {Proceedings of 6th IEEE International Conference on Global Software
	Engineering (ICGSE '11)},
  year = {2011},
  pages = {190-199},
  address = {Helsinki, Finland},
  abstract = {Distributed software development is more difficult than co-located
	software development. One of the main reasons is that communication
	is more difficult in distributed settings. Defined processes and
	artifacts help, but cannot cover all information needs. Not communicating
	important project information, decisions and rationales can result
	in duplicate or extra work, delays or even project failure. Planning
	and managing a distributed project from an information flow perspective
	helps to facilitate available communication channels right from the
	start - beyond the documents and artifacts which are defined for
	a given development process. In this paper we propose FLOW Mapping,
	a systematic approach for planning and managing information flows
	in distributed projects. We demonstrate the feasibility of our approach
	with a case study in a distributed agile class room project. FLOW
	Mapping is sufficient to plan communication and to measure conformance
	to the communication strategy. We also discuss cost and impact of
	our approach.}