author = {Kai Niklas and Joel Greenyer and Kurt Schneider},
  title = {Towards Application and Evolution of Model-Based Heuristics for Improving
	SOA Service Design},
  booktitle = {7th International Workshop on Modelling in Software Engineering (MiSE
  year = {2015},
  abstract = {Good service design is key to acceptance and success for a service-oriented
	architecture (SOA) in an enterprise. Enterprises try to achieve good
	service design by using guidelines which combine experts' experience,
	company policies and best practices. Applying, evolving and maintaining
	guidelines overburdens service designers and reviewers due to the
	amount and volume. This results in inefficient, costly and frustrating
	processes. Without an automated support, guidelines provide only
	limited value to the design process. We describe how our design environment
	prototype addresses these problems and introduce automatic guideline
	checks using heuristics on service models. Our evaluation confirms
	applicability and advantages of our tool. We present a selection
	of heuristics which are used in our tool. As the second contribution
	we describe our plan of how to support evolution and maintenance
	of guidelines and heuristics.}