author = {Harald Klein and Eric Knauss and Andreas Rausch},
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  publisher = {Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg},
  abstract = {Software projects nowadays are typically sourced from more than one
	location. This dispersed situation requires a higher degree of regulation
	mechanisms than provided in agile development methods. Workarounds
	for scaling agile practices to the distributed development scenario
	exist, which are mostly not of any value for decision makers, since
	they still merely provide an ad-hoc way of setting up distributed
	software development projects. Especially smaller distributed software
	projects are in demand for methodical support for this task. We propose
	a systematic approach - called ''Collaborative Pattern Approach''?
	- for deriving a distributed development process from an existing
	co-located process. Our approach focuses on a) defining cross-location
	collaboration and b) assessing the quality of the derived distributed
	development process. We demonstrate our approach in an example case.}