author = {Knauss, Eric and El Boustani, Christian and Flohr, Thomas},
  title = {{I}nvestigating the {I}mpact of {S}oftware {R}equirements {S}pecification
	{Q}uality on {P}roject {S}uccess},
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  pages = {28 - 42},
  address = {Oulu, Finland},
  month = {June},
  publisher = {Springer},
  abstract = {Different Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) are hard to compare
	due to the uniqueness of the projects they were created in. Without
	such comparison, it is difficult to objectively determine if a project's
	SRS is good enough to serve as a foundation for project success.
	We define a quality model for SRS and derive required metrics using
	the Goal-Question-Metric approach. These metrics were applied in
	roughly 40 student's software projects. Based on this we find a quality
	threshold for project success. This paper contributes in three areas:
	Firstly, we present our quality model. It was derived from literature,
	and contributes to the discussion of how to objectively measure requirements
	quality. Secondly, we share our evaluation approach and our experiences
	measuring SRS quality. Others could profit, when planning to measure
	requirements quality. Finally, we present our findings and compare
	them to related studies in literature.}