author = {Averbakh, Anna and Niklas, Kai and Schneider, Kurt},
  title = {Knowledge from Document Annotations as By-Product in Distributed
	Software Engineering},
  journal = {The 26th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge
  year = {2014},
  abstract = {Knowledge management can play a major role in the success of a distributed
	software engineering project promising huge increases in efficiency
	and effectivity. However, it often suffers from a lack of participation.
	Major problems are that sharing knowledge is time consuming and bears
	additional effort for the knowledge worker. In the course of development
	projects, software engineers create, read and annotate (particularly
	during reviews) a lot of documents. These annotations can contain
	valuable knowledge which should be made persistent and sharable with
	project partners. To lower the sharing effort for project participants,
	we present a light-weight approach to collect annotations as by-
	product from project (-related) documents. The annotations are extracted
	from documents and interlinked with other experience and knowledge
	artifacts in a shared Wiki-based experience infrastructure for global
	software engineering. As immediate benefit for knowledge workers,
	making annotations and context searchable saves information retrieval
	time. In the long term, annotations combined with other experiences
	are engineered into reusable recommendations. In a preliminary evaluation
	in the software engineering re- search field and industry confirmed
	that our annotation sharing concept was perceived as helpful and
	time saving.}