author = {Ingo Kitzmann and Christoph König and Daniel Lübke and Leif Singer},
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  abstract = {Badly and inconsistently layouted business processes are hard to read
	for humans and therefore lack comprehensibility. Furthermore, processes
	generated by software have no layout at all. If stakeholders cannot
	comprehend the process descriptions, they are unable to validate
	them and �nd mistakes. By offering a fully automatic layout algorithm
	for BPMN, it is possible to layout business processes in a consistent
	and clear way so that stakeholders can better and quicker comprehend
	the contents. This leads to better comprehensiblity and thus to better
	communication in BPM / SOA projects and allows for consistent process
	layouts throughout projects and enterprises - independent from the
	model source. In addition, this permits using generated models without
	manual layouting.},
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