author = {Anna Averbakh and Eric Knauss and Olga Liskin},
  title = {{A}n {E}xperience {B}ase with {R}ights {M}anagement for {G}lobal
	{S}oftware {E}ngineering},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Knowledge Management
	and Knowledge Technologies (i-KNOW '11)},
  year = {2011},
  address = {Graz, Austria},
  abstract = {Software engineering projects result in experiences that are valuable
	for continuous improvement. Experience and Knowledge Management (EKM)
	deals with the proper presentation, engineering, and reuse of experiences,
	e.g. training new project members or supporting future projects.
	In globally distributed projects proper EKM is even more important:
	Communication between project partners is more difficult than in
	co-located projects and may impair the awareness of knowledge residing
	at a project partner's location. Project members might hesitate to
	share experience because of security considerations. We propose a
	hierarchical experience base with rights management aiming to positively
	influence their willingness to share. Our concept includes special
	support for experience engineers to refine local experiences into
	best practices in globally distributed software projects. In this
	paper we show how our approach can rise awareness of existing experiences
	by presenting relevant experiences according to roles. We also argue,
	how this improves the willingness to share experiences in a distributed