author = {Anna Averbakh and Daniel Krause and Dimitrios Skoutas},
  title = {{R}ecommend me a {S}ervice: {P}ersonalized {S}emantic {W}eb {S}ervice
  booktitle = {17th Workshop on Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems
	(LWA 2009)},
  year = {2009},
  month = {September},
  abstract = {In the Semantic Web the discovery of appropriate Semantic Web Services
	for a given service request, the so-called matchmaking, is a crucial
	task in order to bring together Web Service provider and users in
	an automatic manner. While most of the current matchmaking algorithms
	focus on purely syntactic or semantic similarity or a combination
	of both (hybrid approaches), the user is not taken into account in
	the matchmaking process itself. Hence, specific preferences and needs
	of a user are not taken into account in the matchmaking process.
	In this paper we show how users can be engaged in the matchmaking
	process by providing Web 2.0 interaction to collect user feedback.
	Furthermore, we present the ongoing work of the integration of collaborative
	filtering algorithms into the matchmaking process to generate personalized
	matchmaking results.}