author = {Eric Knauss and Olesia Brill and Ingo Kitzmann and Thomas Flohr},
  title = {{S}mart{W}iki: {S}upport for {H}igh-{Q}uality {R}equirements {E}ngineering
	in a {C}ollaborative {S}etting},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of 4th Workshop on Wikis for Software Engineering at
	ICSE '09},
  year = {2009},
  address = {Vancouver, Canada},
  abstract = {Requirements engineering is the refinement of stakeholder wishes to
	more or less formal requirements. Nowadays this refinement is often
	done in a distributed environment. In this collaborative setting
	Wikis are generally helpful. However, without explicit support, it
	is hard to achieve high quality efficiently. A smart Wiki can assume
	responsibility of these tasks. Our SmartWiki generates context- (and
	process-) sensitive feedback on requirements. It automatically checks
	consistence and integrates constructive and analytical quality assurance
	in a Wiki. It also helps to manage tasks, responsibilities, and experiences
	for organizational learning. In this paper we present our SmartWiki
	approach and our experiences gathered from several projects in educational
	and industry projects.}