author = {Daniel Lübke and Eric Knauss},
  title = {{D}ealing with {U}ser {R}equirements and {F}eedback in {SOA} {P}rojects},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of {W}orkshop on {S}oftware {E}ngineering {M}ethods in
	{S}ervice {O}riented {A}rchitecture},
  year = {2007},
  address = {Hannover, Germany},
  abstract = {SOA projects normally influence the work of many people - especially
	in large organizations. The software will alter the way people will
	work in the future and it will hopefully support the accomplishment
	of their tasks. However, for building a SOA, business processes need
	to be formalized. Using wrong process descriptions is going to hinder
	instead of support people's work. Therefore, integrating the future
	users into the development project is crucial: Requirements need
	to be gathered and the system needs to be refined over time in order
	to improve and adapt to new situations. In this paper, we propose
	a ethodology combined of Use Cases and an Experience Forum to better
	communicate with the system's users. Use Cases are used for elicitating
	requirements and deriving business processes in the requirements
	phase. Afterwards, the Experience Forum is used for collecting feedback
	in order to improve the system over time.}