author = {Raphael Pham and Leif Singer and Kurt Schneider},
  title = {{B}uilding {T}est {S}uites in {S}ocial {C}oding {S}ites by {L}everaging
	{D}rive-{B}y {C}ommits},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Software Engineering
	(ICSE 2013, NIER Track), pages 1202 - 1212, San Francisco, USA},
  year = {2013},
  abstract = {GitHub projects attract contributions from a community of users with
	varying coding and quality assurance skills. Developers on GitHub
	feel a need for automated tests and rely on test suites for regression
	testing and continuous integration. However, project owners report
	to often struggle with implementing an exhaustive test suite. Convincing
	contributors to provide automated test cases remains a challenge.
	The absence of an adequate test suite or using tests of low quality
	can degrade the quality of the software product. We present an approach
	for reducing the effort required by project owners for extending
	their test suites. We aim to utilize the phenomenon of drive-by commits:
	capable users quickly and easily solve problems in others' projects
	-- even though they are not particularly involved in that project
	-- and move on. By analyzing and directing the drive-by commit phenomenon,
	we hope to use crowdsourcing to improve projects' quality assurance
	efforts. Valuable test cases and maintenance tasks would be completed
	by capable users, giving core developers more resources to work on
	the more complicated issues.}