author = {Eric Knauss and Kurt Schneider and Kai Stapel},
  title = {{A} {G}ame for {T}aking {R}equirements {E}ngineering {M}ore {S}eriously},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of Third International Workshop on Multimedia and Enjoyable
	Requirements Engineering (MERE '08)},
  year = {2008},
  address = {Barcelona, Spain},
  month = Nov,
  abstract = {Requirements engineering (RE) is often neglected and not taken seriously.
	In particular, students and small or medium enterprises do not see
	how RE ac-tivities are related to the success or failure of projects.
	We address this serious problem with a game stu-dents can play in
	a few minutes. Our software quantum metaphor helps to visualize a
	main challenge of RE: building the right system within available
	time. We animate the metaphor and present it as simulated sof-tware
	project. Agile ideas and comprehensive docu-mentation can be tried
	out, as well as the impact of prototypes and reviews on requirements.
	A player needs to balance speed and quality, and should weed out
	early misunderstandings later. This helps to experience advantages
	of systematic RE. The game facilitates comprehension - and encourages
	taking RE a little more seriously.}