author = {Olga Liskin and Christoph Herrmann and Eric Knauss and Thomas Kurpick
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  abstract = {During acceptance testing customers assess whether a system meets
	their expectations and often identify issues that should be improved.
	These findings have to be communicated to the developers - a task
	we observed to be error prone, especially in distributed teams. Here,
	it is normally not possible to have developer representatives from
	every site attend the test. Developers who were not present might
	misunderstand insufficiently documented findings. This hinders fixing
	the issues and endangers customer satisfaction. Integrated feedback
	systems promise to mitigate this problem. They allow to easily capture
	findings and their context. Correctly applied, this technique could
	improve feedback, while reducing customer effort. This paper collects
	our experiences from comparing acceptance testing with and without
	feedback systems in a distributed project. Our results indicate that
	this technique can improve acceptance testing - if certain requirements
	are met. We identify key requirements feedback systems should meet
	to support acceptance testing.},
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