author = {Leif Singer and Olesia Brill and Sebastian Meyer and Kurt Schneider},
  title = {{U}tilizing {R}ule {D}eviations in {IT} {E}cosystems for {I}mplicit
	{R}equirements {E}licitation},
  booktitle = {Second International Workshop on Managing Requirements Knowledge
	(MaRK'09) at RE'09},
  year = {2009},
  month = {9},
  abstract = {IT ecosystems are ultra-large-scale software systems that consist
	of various, constantly interacting and partly autonomous subsystems
	as well as the users of the overall system. Because of their strong
	integration with everyday life, these systems are often not even
	perceived as IT systems by its users. This is a problem for requirements
	engineering, as users might not know of or may not be interested
	in the capabilities of the system at all. This hinders the ongoing
	development of the system and might prevent new kinds of utilization
	and new business models from being realized. By introducing rules
	into the infrastructure of IT ecosystems that are being monitored
	for adherence by agents interacting in the system, deviations from
	these rules can be harnessed for finding potential candidates for
	new or changed requirements. The deviations can be processed using
	techniques like data mining and pattern recognition and then forwarded
	to requirements engineers for review. They may then leverage these
	implicitly expressed requirements to identify actual changes in the
	needs of the users of the systems, enabling further advancements
	of the IT ecosystem.}