author = {Christian Bartelt and Manfred Broy and Christoph Herrmann and Eric
	Knauss and Marco Kuhrmann and Andreas Rausch and Bernhard Rumpe and
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  month = Jul,
  abstract = {Global software engineering has become a fact in many companies due
	to real necessity in practice. In contrast to co-located projects
	global projects face a number of additional software engineering
	challenges. Among them quality management has become much more difficult
	and schedule and budget overruns can be observed more often. Compared
	to co-located projects global software engineering is even more challenging
	due to the need for integration of different cultures, different
	languages, and different time zones - across companies, and across
	countries. The diversity of development locations on several levels
	seriously endangers an effective and goal-oriented progress of projects.
	In this position paper we discuss reasons for global development,
	sketch settings for distribution and views of orchestration of dislocated
	companies in a global project that can be seen as a â''œvirtual project
	environment''?. We also present a collection of questions, which
	we consider relevant for global software engineering. The questions
	motivate further discussion to derive a research agenda in global
	software engineering.}