author = {Daniel Lübke},
  title = {{U}nit {T}esting {BPEL} {C}ompositions},
  booktitle = {Test and Analysis of Service-oriented Systems},
  year = {2007},
  editor = {Luciano Baresi and Elisabetta Di Nitto},
  publisher = {Springer},
  abstract = {Service-oriented Architecture is a new emerging architectural style
	for developing distributed business applications. Those applications
	are often realized using Web services. These services are grouped
	into BPEL compositions. However, these applications need to be tested.
	For achieving better software quality, testing has to be done along
	the whole development process. Within this chapter a unit testing
	framework for BPEL named BPELUnit is presented. BPELUnit allows unit
	and integration tests of BPEL compositions. The tester is supported
	as much as possible: The used Web services can be replaced during
	test execution. This allows to really isolate the BPEL composition
	as a unit and guarantees repeatable tests.},
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