author = {Daniel Lübke and Leif Singer and Alex Salnikow},
  title = {{C}alculating {BPEL} {T}est {C}overage through {I}nstrumentation},
  booktitle = {Workshop on Automated Software Testing (AST 2009), ICSE 2009},
  year = {2009},
  abstract = {Assessing the quality of tests for BPEL processes is a difficult task
	in projects following SOA principles. Since insuf�cient testing
	can lead to unforeseen defects that can be extremely costly in complex
	and mission critical environments, this problem needs to be addressed.
	By using formally de�ned test metrics that can be evaluated automatically
	by using an extension to the BPELUnit testing framework, testers
	are able to assess whether their white box tests cover all important
	areas of a BPEL process. This leads to better tests and thus to better
	BPEL processes because testers can improve their test cases by knowing
	which important areas of the BPEL process have not been tested yet.}