author = {Kurt Schneider and Thilo Schwinn},
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  pages = {85-96},
  number = {2},
  abstract = {Basili coined the term lsquoExperience Factoryrsquo for a separate
	unit in a software company; it helps to exchange experiences between
	projects. The persistent storage device of such an Experience Factory
	was called the Experience Base. At DaimlerChrysler, we started in
	1997 to establish local lsquoSoftware Experience Centersrsquo, a
	similar role to an Experience Factory. From the beginning, one of
	our focal aspects was the design and implementation of an adequate
	Experience Base. We expected an easy win. However, developing an
	effective Experience Base turned out to be one of the more difficult
	tasks. We had to go through several steps of substantial redesign
	before we achieved a concept of Experience Bases that does now suit
	our needs. In this paper we describe the most important insights,
	show examples of their impact on our Experience Base concepts, and
	discuss modifications made. As a conclusion, we present an evaluation
	sheet for Experience Base maturity profiles. Copyright © 2001 John
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