author = {Daniel Lübke and Tim Lüecke and Kurt Schneider and Jorge Marx Gómez},
  title = {{M}odel-driven {D}evelopment of {B}usiness {A}pplications using {E}vent-driven
	{P}rocess {C}hains},
  booktitle = {2006 GITMA International Conference},
  year = {2006},
  abstract = {Web services provide a standardized way of accessing functionality
	over networks. Most beneficial is their use if many Web services
	are composed in order to form an application. Due to their nature,
	Web services can be used to support businesses if their composition
	matches the underlying business processes. However, the activities
	regarding the composition as well as the design of a corresponding
	user interface are still time consuming. This is especially true
	in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) due to their restricted
	resources. Therefore, we propose a lightweight concept for model-based
	composition by only attaching additional attributes to EPCs. This
	allows not only modelling Web service composition but also user interaction.
	In contrast to established approaches complete applications can be
	modelled with less effort. Therefore, even SMEs can leverage on the
	advantages of Web service technology.}