author = {Meyer, Sebastian and Averbakh, Anna and Ronneberger, Torsten and
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  abstract = {Joint research projects are create new knowledge and lessons learned
	from experience. A research project with several partners is a challenging
	environment for systematic reuse of knowledge and experience. Knowledge
	management is often considered overhead, with several tasks added
	to the workload of the project. This overhead can become overwhelming,
	since partners from academia and industry have different backgrounds,
	and may associate different goals and priorities with the project.
	Industry partners tend to follow strict security guidelines that
	hamper experience exchange. An extension of project duration is not
	possible in many publicly funded joint projects. In this paper, we
	describe our experiences from the initial phase of a major German
	joint research project with partners from academia and industry.
	We describe the applied techniques and the lessons learned during
	the first year the project. We derive conclusions and provide suggestions
	how to introduce knowledge and experience management in similar projects.},
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