author = {Oliver Krüger and Jorge Marx Gómez and Claus Rautenstrauch and Daniel
  title = {{D}eveloping a distributed {ERP} system based on {P}eer-to-{P}eer-{N}etworks
	and {W}ebservices},
  booktitle = {Workshop for Intelligent Mobile Agents in Peer-to-Peer-Networks,
	EIS 2004},
  year = {2004},
  abstract = {As the business world gets more and more dependent on digital technology,
	including information systems for resource management, even the small-
	to medium-sized enterprises have to install and maintain complex
	enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. However, these are designed
	as in all-in-one solution, often im-plementing functionality not
	needed. Furthermore, ERP systems like SAP are dependent on a very
	large-scale infrastructure like servers and networking technology,
	which is very expensive to install and to maintain. Customizing these
	large-scale systems to the needs of a small- to medium-sized business
	is nearly as expensive as the customisation for a large enterprise
	and therefore not affordable for these companies. Because of this,
	we here present a design for a distributed ERP system, based on webservices
	and peer-to-peer technology, which is easier to install and to maintain
	and cheaper than the traditional ones.}