Wintersemester 2018/2019

Prof. Dr. Kurt Schneider
Larissa Chazette
15.10.2018 - 01.02.2019
Dienstags, 15:00 - 16:30

Informationen / Information

Englischer Titel: Reliable Mobility – Building the Mobility of the Future (Zuverlässige Mobilität –Gestaltung der Mobilität der Zukunft)
Mögl. Prüfungsarten: Seminarleistung
Sprache: English

Our Next Meetings: 

16.11 | 16h - 18h  - Presentation Techniques w/ Christopher Tidy

27.11 | 15h | Round 1 - Smart Cities & Vehicular Networks

30.11 | 16h- 18h  - Writing Skills w/ Christopher Tidy  (CANCELED)

04.12 | 15h | Round 2 - Autonomous Vehicles & SUMO

11.12 | 15h | Round 3 - Autonomous Vehicles & Big Data

18.12 | 15h | Round 4 -  Senioren & Transparency, Ethics and Society + General Discussion


08.01 | 23:59 - First Deadline (Review)

20.01 | 23.59 - Final Deadline


Students will be inserted into a discussion about transparency regarding smart systems, bringing the discussion into the context of future mobility. The introductory lectures will provide an overview of the field, research directions and discussions about presentation techniques. Each student will then choose a research paper in the field to present and discuss with the colleagues. The student will have to make a critic about the paper, highlighting pros and cons. The audience will be invited to give feedback on the presentation itself and on the topic. As an outcome, students are expected to understand the challenges and perspectives of the development of systems for the mobility of the future. Discussions will be held about software transparency and how it is important to have in mind during software development process, to delivery reliable software products. At the end, students are expected to know more about how to critically read a scientific essay, make presentations on such themes and, more specifically, to analyze the existent challenges on the development of systems for future mobility, judging if the software is transparent to the user and what could be changed in order to facilitate this system transparency.


The proseminar will focus on how data science, machine learning and new software applications are changing mobility, with a wide range of new solutions to support end-users from making a route decision to on board drive assistance. It will explore the future directions and discuss the level of transparency such solutions are presenting to the users, how new applications will impact in the overall mobility, and what steps should be taken in order to make not only future mobility, but also future software more transparent and reliable to the end user. 1. Course Introduction and Overview – 2. A Brief Discussion about the New EU Privacy Law – 3. Presentation Techniques - 4. Future Mobility – 5. Do you understand the results? A discussion about understandable query outputs and XAI – 6. How transparency can impact mobility? – 7. How to design more transparent systems - a discussion.


SWT Konzepte/Vorlesung


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