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Workshop on Learning Software Organizations and Requirements Engineering

Int. Workshop

University of Hannover, Germany: March 27-28, 2006

After the Workshop

The LSO+RE 2006 workshop took place at the University of Hannover. Free download of the proceedings is available at this site (see menu). A group of participants plans to continue working on LSO+RE matters in an informal team. If you are interested to participate actively, or want more information, please send an email to  LSOplusRE@se.uni-hannover.de.

Authors of full papers may refer to "Call and Dates" for the notification and finalization schedule of J.UKM.

The organizers thank all authors and participants for making this workshop a highly interactive event!

LSO: Learning Software Organizations

High-tech companies depend on knowledge and experience of their employees. Constant learning and qualification is a prerequisite for sustainable success in the software field. Organizational learning encourages individual learning, but it can go far beyond, encompassing process improvement by embedding feedback and learning into better organizational structures, tools, and processes.

RE: Requirements Engineering

There are some activities in software development that require more learning, and that depend more on feedback and experience. Requirements engineering is such an activity. It starts from requirements elicitation and covers negotiation and validation as well as documentation and management of requirements. Improving the way to carry out any of the above is an essential learning challenge.

LSO+RE: Learning Software Organizations and Requirements Engineering

In LSO+RE we will focus on learning about requirements engineering in all forms and facets. We want to explore and discuss approaches to improve requirements engineering by feedback and learning.

Int. Workshop